Six out of ten children are approached by pedophiles on the Internet

By Maria Bărbulescu | Gândul | 25th of July 2008

There are over 100,000 pedophile porn websites in the world, and 60% of the children who use the Internet receive invitations from pedophiles. Sadly, 40% of them answer these emails. Even more alarming, 3 out of 10 minors are approached by pedophiles, either online or offline. Interpol estimates the number of children porn industry victims to be as high as 20,000. In the United States, the monitoring of people who pay online for accessing children porn sites is possible due to a partnership involving major credit card companies. In Romania, the phenomenon of grooming online – child corruption on the Internet - is still not punishable according to criminal law.

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In the news

Livigent takes part in the Romanian edition of "Safer Internet Day", organized in Bucharest, on February 10. The event is hosted by the consortium and aims to increase awareness on the real dangers that may occur in surfing the Internet, especially for children and young people. Livigent will play an active part in the event, implementing its content filtering solution for the three winning schools.

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