We value our team, because talented people are what turned Livigent from idea into solution. We are constantly looking for new ways of growing and improving, and we welcome dynamic, enthusiastic people who are capable of mixing know-how and passion in order to create excellence.

Regardless of your working experience, RnD Software can offer a wealth of exciting challenges, a great working environment and a long list of benefits.

We are enthusiasts dedicated to transforming the advantages of the A.I. technology into creative solutions for the market. If you'd like to work with us, submit your resume for consideration my applying for one of our job openings, if any are available at the moment.

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 Python back-end developer
Python back-end developer

Job description

As a Python developer you will be involved in the implementation of the business logic driving our latest Web project. Your tasks will include: writing unit/integration/functional tests, solving bugs, implementing features, architectural design, etc. You need to be a good team player and have a smooth collaboration with the other members. In addition, you need to have a good deal of independence in handling your tasks, making your own decisions and writing your code to be modular, robust, portable and elegant.

Must haves:

  • expert knowledge of the Python programming language and the standard Python modules
  • experience with various database solutions and SQL
  • back-end Web programming experience
  • experience with version control systems
  • datastructures and algorithms knowledges
  • knowledge of the HTTP protocol
  • fluency in English
  • flexibility and good communication skills

Would be a plus to have

  • experience with test-driven development
  • experience with event-driven programming
  • experience with Python-based Web frameworks (any of Django, Pylons, web2py, etc.)
  • experience with working in a Linux environment

We offer

  • competitive salary
  • flexible working hours
  • the chance to work in a competitive, dynamic, experienced team on new and exciting projects
  • the opportunity to actively take part in software design and planning

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In the news

Livigent takes part in the Romanian edition of "Safer Internet Day", organized in Bucharest, on February 10. The event is hosted by the consortium and aims to increase awareness on the real dangers that may occur in surfing the Internet, especially for children and young people. Livigent will play an active part in the event, implementing its content filtering solution for the three winning schools.

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