Livigent is developed and offered by RnD Software, supplier of innovative solutions for web security, that offers its customers from corporate, government and education segments, smart and complete value-added solutions.

Our solutions are designed to both help our clients increase productivity and streamline internal processes, and at the same time protect their organizations from the latest informational threats.

The products we offer were developed as a response to the market's increasing need for smart, modern, complete value-added solutions, which would be future-proof and keep-up with the constant rapid changes in this field. As people are becoming increasingly aware of informational threats, solutions are expected to deliver a higher degree of accuracy and reliability, and our goal is to provide a very promising alternative to current products and a beyond satisfying answer to client demands.

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In the news

Livigent takes part in the Romanian edition of "Safer Internet Day", organized in Bucharest, on February 10. The event is hosted by the Sigur.info consortium and aims to increase awareness on the real dangers that may occur in surfing the Internet, especially for children and young people. Livigent will play an active part in the event, implementing its content filtering solution for the three winning schools.

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Livigent Commercial Brochure

Find out the most relevant information on how Livigent can significantly contribute to your company's Internet usage security: important motivations to choose a modern content filtering solution, and key benefits of using Livigent - all in a coherent and easy-to-read manner. Also, a presentation of how Livigent actually works is available here.

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Livigent Technical Sheet

Get in touch with the technical characteristics of Livigent, which make it the best content filtering solution for your business: an extensive presentation of Livigent's technical features, of the way it functions and of the technical benefits it brings to a company - they are all available here, with meaningful examples, to help you get a better idea why this solution is perfect for your business.

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