Have you ever thought of how many adult sites, online dating services, anonymous chats or copyright infringing sites children visit at school or at a public library? We have. And we can say, with a reasonable degree of certainty, that they have at least once used the school or library computers for other things than, say, researching for a study assignment.

Additionally, the unattended access to internet content can lead also to the overload of the network through the data transfer for personal reasons - having at their disposal the Internet lines, through the angle of the curiosity specific to their age, children can use them for entertainment purposes, to download films, music, pictures, being exposed to material with inadequate content, monopolizing the networking bandwidth, as well as exposing the institution that hosts them to accountability in front of the law concerning the legality of the internet downloaded content.

Specific Challenges:

  • Children visiting adult sites, online dating services, anonymous chats or copyright infringing sites. Every child has at least once used the school/library computer to access websites of objectionable nature.
  • Less focus on educational activities. Uncontrolled internet access decreases focus on educational activities.


Livigent offers an impossible to circumvent internet content filtering solution, guaranteeing children will only have access to appropriate categories, such as education.


  • Safe surfing. Children have access to an unlimited source of knowledge, safe from malicious content.
  • Prevent legal liability issues. You avoid legal liabilities caused by children copying copyright infringing files.
  • Code of conduct. By controlling the internet access, you enforce a code of conduct for the educational institutions.

In the news

Livigent takes part in the Romanian edition of "Safer Internet Day", organized in Bucharest, on February 10. The event is hosted by the consortium and aims to increase awareness on the real dangers that may occur in surfing the Internet, especially for children and young people. Livigent will play an active part in the event, implementing its content filtering solution for the three winning schools.

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