Our clients range from the corporate domain (small, medium, large), educational institutions or state offices. Visit your sections for more detailed information on how Livigent can benefit your organization and how we can help solve your specific cont filtering needs.

  • Corporate - Ensure optimum usage of Web content, seeing that Internet works for the benefit of your business.
  • Government - Management of internet connections, prevent theft of confidential data, impose an organizational policy.
  • Educational - Manage users to access adequate online content, preventing them from being affected by dangers of inappropriate sites and interaction with malevolent users.
  • ISP - By implementing Web content monitoring, filtering and reporting services, internet providers have the opportunity to place at the disposal of their final clients new benefits, offering the possibility to control the accessed internet data flow.

Livigent Commercial Brochure

Find out the most relevant information on how Livigent can significantly contribute to your company's Internet usage security: important motivations to choose a modern content filtering solution, and key benefits of using Livigent - all in a coherent and easy-to-read manner. Also, a presentation of how Livigent actually works is available here.

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Case studies

In order to get more of that relevant information about our product and how it will help you protect and improve your business, the case studies listed below will prove very useful to you. In this section you will find out how Livigent managed to solve problems similar to yours, thus giving you an idea about the benefits you can extract from using our product.

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