Livigent Content Filter

The innovative Livigent A.I. engine scans the web content in real-time, performing an instant data filtering, with no need to worry about regularly updating the links database. Thus, you can rest assure that you have in place a filter that helps you impose the web policies with the same high level of accuracy as always.

Through an user-friendly interface that does not require advanced technical expertise to handle, you will have the ability to set policies that manage the filtering and reporting functions of your Livigent appliance, controlling the web content accessed by your network users, issuing access, block or coach policies.

As the Livigent content filter offers you a very extended set of configuration options, you will be able to adapt it taking into account your employee performance criteria, organizational policies, control online user behavior and interactions, network resources management or legal constraints.

Key Benefits & Features

  • Protect All of Your Systems

    Multiple methods of filtering. Livigent uses different methods like text, image, URL, MIME, and protocol-based filtering.

  • Catch Problems Before They Can Hurt Your Business

    Real-time filtering. Our solution uses content-based filtering built on modern technology that does instant checking.

  • Keep Your Employees Focused on Work

    Image altering. Livigent changes or replaces pictures that contain skin colors.

  • Manage Your Bandwidth Use

    Bandwidth control. This device allows you to specify the most bandwidth per user.

  • Know What Is Going On At All Times

    Reporting. Livigent gives you detailed logs and reports on the traffic into your business.

  • Protect Your Business in All Locations

    Multilanguage support. This solution can be used both in English and Romanian.

  • Control It Yourself

    Ease of use. Our device is easy to manage by anyone.

  • Focus On Your Real Business

    Reliable. The Livigent hardware is stable and grows with your business.

Livigent presents

Today there is a new way of filtering, one in which you don't work for it, it works for you! In this section watch how we put content filtering to work for you, offering an extended set of configurations that is perfectly adaptable to your criteria of performance and accuracy.

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Livigent Technical Sheet

Get in touch with the technical characteristics of Livigent, which make it the best content filtering solution for your business: an extensive presentation of Livigent's technical features, of the way it functions and of the technical benefits it brings to a company - they are all available here, with meaningful examples, to help you get a better idea why this solution is perfect for your business.

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