Livigent offers you the power to take control of your Internet data content, enforcing you as the sole criterion deciding what comes in and goes out of your network.

As the Internet consists of an increasingly changing number of 19.2 billion web pages[1], the usual link-based filtering products cannot keep up the pace to provide an up-to-date analysis. Also, many existing sites have a dynamic system constantly updating their content, making them periodically look different.

Under such circumstances, how can you be confident that the content filtered will remain affected by our existing blocking policies? Read more about our modern filtering solution and find out!

1. Web pages in the world, August 2005: 19.2 billion pages were indexed by Yahoo as of August 2005,

Livigent presents

Today there is a new way of filtering, one in which you don't work for it, it works for you! In this section watch how we put content filtering to work for you, offering an extended set of configurations that is perfectly adaptable to your criteria of performance and accuracy.

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Livigent Technical Sheet

Get in touch with the technical characteristics of Livigent, which make it the best content filtering solution for your business: an extensive presentation of Livigent's technical features, of the way it functions and of the technical benefits it brings to a company - they are all available here, with meaningful examples, to help you get a better idea why this solution is perfect for your business.

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