Confidential documents, data belonging to high security domains are part of a state institution’s daily activity. The high level of internet usage for personal reasons and the usage of applications in this respect increase the risk of the leakage of confidential pieces of information to the outside.
Also, through the excessive usage of internet for private reasons, the employees of the state institutions can take hold in a greater degree of the resources of their departments, obstructing the good unfolding of the data flow for working activities purposes.
Research indicates that as much as 40% of Internet activity during working hours is non-work related. It is obvious that internet misuse represents a threat to your organization and is costing you resources.

Specific challenges:

Confidential information leakage

The information exchange is not appropriately monitored and controlled, resulting in vital information leakage.

Bandwidth consumption

Resources are being obstructed by workers engaging in non-work-related activities.

Affected reputation

Through an inadequate Internet behavior employees can involve their institutions in embarrassing situations, as well as cases under the law jurisdiction


Livigent offers an extremely reliable application, which guarantees proper flow of information within and outside the organization, without any leakage of confidential information.


Prevent confidential information leakage

By monitoring the information exchange, you prevent any complications with confidential data.

Optimize resources

By managing bandwidth, the organization’s internet resources are adequately used and distributed.

Enforce rules of conduct

Prevent employees from accessing inappropriate content, avoid affecting the good functioning of the institutions, and protect the reputation of that state entity.