Internet Service Providers (ISP)

Internet Service Providers have the opportunity to better serve their clients’ needs offering them monitoring, filtering and reporting services. By including our filtering solution in your service offer, you gain a significant competitive advantage in this ever-growing industry.

You will also benefit from our support in presenting the product, installing it, adding value to the client’s business, as well as to your own company development.

Specific challenges:

Competition intensifies

Internet service providers are starting to face serious competition.

Access to inappropriate content

Users need to be protected from accessing unsuited data content.

Bandwidth management issues

Resources are not being appropriately distributed.

Legal liability risks

Illicit file sharing may lead to legal issues.


Livigent offers an impossible to circumvent internet content filtering solution, guaranteeing children will only have access to appropriate categories, such as education.


Prevent bandwidth consumption

Optimize resources by adequately managing bandwidth and control network traffic flow.

Help provide additional filtering services

Differentiate from competition by providing additional services.

Enable custom filtering services

Provide differentiating services for ISP's subscribers.

Monitor Internet usage

Provide Internet usage statistics and logs for forensic purposes.

Alleviate legal liability risks

Prevent legal issues implied by illicit file sharing.

Avoid adult material distribution

Prevent the risks related to downloading/distributing adult materials: harassment, defamation etc.