Python back-end developer

Job description

As a Python developer you will be involved in the implementation of the business logic driving our latest Web project. Your tasks will include: writing unit/integration/functional tests, solving bugs, implementing features, architectural design, etc. You need to be a good team player and have a smooth collaboration with the other members. In addition, you need to have a good deal of independence in handling your tasks, making your own decisions and writing your code to be modular, robust, portable and elegant.

Must haves:

  • expert knowledge of the Python programming language and the standard Python modules
  • experience with various database solutions and SQL
  • experience with version control systems
  • datastructures and algorithms knowledges
  • knowledge of the HTTP protocol
  • fluency in English
  • flexibility and good communication skills

Would be a plus to have

  • experience with test-driven development
  • experience with event-driven programming
  • experience with Python-based Web frameworks (any of Django, Pylons, web2py, etc.)
  • experience with working in a Linux environment

We offer

  • competitive salary
  • flexible working hours
  • the chance to work in a competitive, dynamic, experienced team on new and exciting projects
  • the opportunity to actively take part in software design and planning