Livigent, the intelligent web control solution, launches in Romania

Ensure employee productivity by managing their access to relevant web content!

Bucharest, November 19th 2008 – RnD Software, providing intelligent Internet filtering and web security solutions, announces the premiere launch in Romania of it’s control, filtering and traffic monitoring solution for web content – Livigent.

The rapid development of the Internet has led organizations into confronting new challenges: the need to enforce the company’s business conduct, monitoring Internet usage, properly administer bandwidth allocation, as well as complying with legal requirements and regulations on internet use. Thus the need to adopt modern and flexible solutions for web content control.

The web content filtering solution, Livigent, performs real-time analysis of the web page content, allowing users to rapidly, yet securely, access relevant web content. The innovation consists in real time content filtering based on predefined rules, according to company’s security policies, removing the internet usage limitations and strict category classifications of complex web portals, as well as blocking unwanted pictures, so that employees can still access the requested web destination. Unlike previously used solutions, Livigent ensures a high percentage of success in blocking unwanted or prohibited content, while still enabling the user to enjoy a richer and less restrictive Web experience. The system’s advanced reporting functions complete the easy and efficient Internet usage management within the organization.

Provided equally for the corporate market, the educational and government sectors as well as for Internet Service Providers (ISP), Livigent ensures a higher productivity and a more efficient use of resources through its innovative technical functions.

“The Internet is changing very rapidly, and users, companies and public institutions are facing new challenges and threats with the types of web content. We developed this product to meet the increasingly emerging need of organizations to deal with threats that arise daily in the online environment and also to prevent the misuse of Internet content.

We wanted a premiere launch in Romania, due to the local market’s demand for a product that’s geared to its specific needs. Livigent is the only product of its kind to adequately process Romanian web content, being designed and developed in collaboration with local experts,” said Ovidiu Constantin, General Manager RnD Software.

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